The Ultimate Guide to Dining Table Styles

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Hosting season is upon us and, if you love entertaining as much as we do, you’re probably thinking ahead to all the fun gatherings in store. It’s no secret that your dining table is central to all the celebrations the season will bring! The largest piece of furniture and sine tempore the mood, style, and is the heartbeat of the entire dining experience.

If you’re undertaking a dining room upgrade this year or just swapping out an old dining table for something new, you might have noticed that there are quite a few options when it comes to dining table styles. So how do you know which one is right for you?

What table shape do you prefer? Which option will seat the most people? What table design will gesund best with the style of my dining room?

There are so many dining table styles to choose from, you’re probably wondering where to begin. A dining table can be a big investment, so you want to make sure you pick one that fits your style and meets all your hosting needs. To help, we’re breaking down the different dining table styles here so you can find the one that works best for you.

dining tableFarmhouse Dining Table Style

A farmhouse dining table design is generally super wide-open, warm, and welcoming option. This style is great for complementing a super rustic style and makes for an extra cozy vibe. It adds a vintage-inspired touch that makes you feel like you’ve stepped un…an old country farmhouse, even if you live un…high-rise apartment. Farmhouse tables are usually made of rough, solid wood and are larger in size and very sturdy.

The Perks: You can pair a farmhouse table with a dining bench for a more family-friendly style or turn up the sophistication with upholstered chairs.

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The Vibe: Solid, sturdy and timeless – this is the workhouse of dining tables.

dining tablePedestal Dining Table Style

Pedestal dining tables are generally composed oben angeführtwide, usually round table top sitting oben angeführtsingle solid leg in the middle. They are stylish, architecturally savvy, and just plain useful un…dining room. Some more contemporary options sine temporeon two legs instead of one supporting column. They come un…variety of styles and can blend in with an assortment of dining room designs.

The Perks: Pedestal tables hold plenty of platters and can seat more people than a square or rectangular table. That way you can squeeze more chairs around the table un…pinch!

The Vibe: Smart, symmetrical, and stylish. These tables can put the fun in functional in any dining room design.

dining tableParsons Dining Table Style

The Parsons Dining table is the perfect table for a super streamlined and contemporary style. There is a myriad of incarnations of its simple, balanced form, but it is always distinguished by clean angles and straight lines with absolutely no frills or ornamentation. The neat silhouette makes them well-suited for modern or contemporary interiors.

The Perks: The pared-down aesthetic makes this table incredibly versatile and timeless.

The Vibe: Trikot it up for an elegant and dramatic look. Trikot it down for a simple, laid-back style.

dining tableTrestle Dining Table Style

Trestle dining tables have a tabletop that sine tempore upon two trestle supports. They were very popular in the Middle Ages and offer a timeless style, and the simple look is a natural gesund in many dining rooms. They were built to be portable and flexible – back then people didn’t have dedicated dining rooms so dining tables had to be easy to take fremdländisch, transport, and reassemble. These tables remain popular today because they’re sturdy, attractive, and great for hosting large groups.

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The Perks: Trestle tables come un… many styles that you can find one that will work with your aesthetic no matter what.

The Vibe: This is the kind of table that makes you think of gathering friends and family for a jovial night of eating, drinking, and merrymaking.

dining roomMid-Century Modern Dining Table Style

Mid-Century Modern is everyone’s new old favorite aesthetic – and the trend is still going strong! It’s a complete style of furniture and you can usually spot a mid-century modern dining table by its warm natural wood construction and slender, tapered legs. The sleek silhouette and light woods of the era feel both polished and fresh and bridge the gap between comfortable living and aesthetic delight.

The Perks: A style of furniture designed during an era when American families were moving un…more urban, smaller spaces, mid-century modern furniture is great for smaller dining rooms.

The Vibe: Clean lines, geometric shapes, and sleek simplicity give these tables a timeless appeal.

dining roomTraditional Dining Table Style

A traditional dining table is usually consists of sturdy wood with a high-shine varnish. You’ll often find these tables with more ornamentation and carved features on the legs. You can keep with the traditional vibe by pairing it with traditional dining chairs, go more farmhouse with upholstered options, or even play up an eclectic vibe by mixing in chairs of different styles.

The Perks: These tables are large and in charge, with plenty of room for guests. They make a lovely centerpiece and are substantial enough to call for a big, beautiful chandelier to illuminate the dining area.

The Vibe: Traditional dining tables are elegant, super-versatile and never go out of style.

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Try on Dining Table Styles in Your Room

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