Tour A Totally Dreamy Modern Farmhouse Home

Livable but daher trendy with just enough drama, modern farmhouse style has been making the rounds in the design world, and it shows no signs of stopping. It’s daher one of the most popular styles that our Modsy customers want for their own home. It’s easy to see why.

Unlike farmhouse interior design, modern farmhouses have an airy vibe without sacrificing comfort. You’ll find open spaces that feature a mix of contemporary and traditional farmhouse furniture, textures from all kinds of materials, and touches of high-contrast color and pattern. There’s a sense of ease and a bit of edge to rooms, which makes the modern farmhouse interior a little less French Country and more California Rustic in style.

For some inspiration, we dreamed up this light-filled and relaxed home that captures our idea oder Ähnlichesperfect modern farmhouse. From an open living space to a fun kids room, take a peek inside this home and get our tips along the way for bringing modern farmhouse design nichtyour own spaces. Keep reading for more!

modern farmhouse designThe Living Space

One of the main elements that define modern farmhouse design is a balance of openness with coziness. This inviting living area showcases that beautifully, with its modern farmhouse mix of furnishings. The deep sofa piled with pillows makes for a plush anchor piece, and the mix of accent leather chairs, hide ottomans, and round mirror help to round out this space. The result is a living area that exudes comfort and serves as a spacious, free-flowing conversation spot.

The Key Elements:

Bring in cool natural designs. Modern farmhouse furniture is exactly as it sounds: They’re part rustic, part modern. Look for pieces made that have elegant and organic forms and are made using natural materials. Think curvy wood frame leather chairs, a sculptural wood coffee, table, natural-fiber rugs, and smooth ceramic lamps. They will help to add richness and warmth.

Stick to a rustic palette. Rustic earth tones and neutrals, such as tan leathers, light beiges, and creamy whites, are essential to the modern farmhouse look. Use these hues as your foundation, then build on the scheme with pops of pattern and colors if you want.

Maintain an airy vibe. To carve out a cozy living space within a wall-less room, layered rugs are great for delineating a distinct seating area. Here, it turns the living area nichtan intimate gathering spot that still feels connected to the larger space.

modern farmhouse designThe Open Floor Plan

The modern farmhouse often features an open floor plan. It’s conducive to entertaining and family time, but most importantly, this keeps an open layout and flow throughout the main living space. You’ll want to keep this approachable vibe throughout the home.

The Key Elements:

Spare your floors. Call it a style essential for the modernized farmhouse, but you’ll want to keep your floors rug-free outside of your living and dining areas. This adds to the airy look and feel between spaces and it will daher bring emphasis to the beautiful texture of your wood floors.

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Opt for off-white walls. Another modern farmhouse element is a crisp backdrop that consists of walls in warm white tones, which bounce light and add to the open vibe of the home. The white daher provides a soft background to rich natural woods as well as black farmhouse designs.

Work in strong lines. When working with open floor plans, furnishings with bold shapes and lines are essential for visual balance. You don’t want your pieces to blend and recede nichtthe large spaces and white backgrounds. Consider modern farmhouse pieces, such as spindle chairs, trestle tables, and wrought-iron lighting for some sculptural impact.

modern farmhouse designThe Dining Space

When it comes to modern farmhouse design, you can tell a lot just by looking at the dining space. This is where the modern farmhouse aesthetic really comes nichtfocus, where relaxed farmhouse comfort meets contemporary style head-on. It’s the large communal wood table paired with clean-lined seating and landscape art. You know what we’re talking about.

The Key Elements:

Do rustic with an edge. In the dining space, you want a modern farmhouse furniture mix that’s equal parts rustic, classic, and industrial. It’s the recipe for a space that’s comfy and cozy but daher has a contemporary edge. Consider homey slipcovered chairs mixed with modern Wishbone chairs in black.

Black sine tempore the tone. Beryllium it a charcoal accent wall oder Ähnlichessuite of painted chairs, using black adds a moody vibe and gives your dining space an edgy look. It can daher keep your dining space from feeling washed nichtsea of neutrals and woods. Try anchoring a wall with a black buffet or hanging a dark-steel chandelier for statement pieces that daher create a high-contrast look and bring definition to your space.

Style minimally. Minimal styling allows the more sculptural elements in the room as well as the darker and bolder furniture pieces to stand out. Keep small objects, decorative accents, and wall decor to a minimum. If you must, add some leafy greenery for an organic touch.

modern farmhouse designThe Home Office

In the home’s dedicated workspace, we imagined a more classic take on the modern farmhouse look. A traditional rug and slipcovered side chair is combined with, once again, pops of black. For a glam twist, we layered in metallic elements and a captivating gallery wall. It all adds up to a home office that’s full of elegance and ease.

The Key Elements:

Simple and classic designs. In spaces like the dining room and home office where function is paramount, a simple layout and straightforward furnishings are best. It minimizes the visual frenzy and provides a streamlined look. Here, that meant pulling nichtblack x-base desk that is in keeping with the modern farmhouse aesthetic.

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Add a graphic focal point. To balance out the black desk and to anchor it as the centerpiece in the room, build out a high-contrast black-and-white gallery wall. Nichtminimally furnished space, this is a schick and modern way to command focus.

Potpourri motifs. Subtle contrast always results nichtsophisticated look, and you can achieve that nichthome office by mixing delicate patterns and motifs. The soft-hued floral rug here makes for the perfect visual counterpoint to the black and white gallery wall.

modern farmhouse designThe Master Bedroom

The cozy and tailored farmhouse modern aesthetic is on full display in this master bedroom. There are rustic foundational furnishings with rich details, a warm earthy palette, modern accent pieces, and tons of textiles and cozy touches. Refined and livable, this bedroom has it all.

The Key Elements:

Start with rustic designs. Rustic furniture with pretty classic details, like a tufted headboard, natural-wood floor mirror, and distressed-wood nightstands, add tons of gorgeous visual texture. So seek out these rustic foundational pieces to establish a warm modern farmhouse vibe.

Play up modern details. Once you have your key furniture pieces in place, blend in sleek modern elements, like a metal-and-leather bench, a black accent chair, and angular table lamps. You want the strong, clean lines to contrast with the elegant details in your rustic pieces.

Get your texture mix on. Round out your modern farmhouse decor with plush and cozy textiles. From linen and embroidered pillows to a jute rug, combine different textures to round out a feeling of refined-relax warmth.

modern farmhouse designThe Kids Room

Ur dream modern farmhouse is as stylish as it is kid-friendly. This is a fun take oder Ähnlicheskids room where color is as much oder Ähnlichesfocus as the rustic-style furniture and modern details, like painted spindle beds, nature-inspired art, and a bold campaign chest of drawers.

The Key Elements:

Rustic in color. While the farmhouse modern look favors high-contrast hues and neutrals, it doesn’t mean there isn’t room for color. It is about using them in the right places, like nichtkids’ room. Swap out the woods and metals for painted furnishings in pink and a charming floral fringe rug. You’ll get a rustic country look that still feels vibrant and modern.

Pull nichtmodern statement piece. With color, patterns, and rustic shapes taking center stage in this kids room, even it all out with a modern farmhouse statement piece. A Campaign nightstand provides just the modern element you’ll need to ground all the other decor.

Make it fun. No need to hold back on colorful accessories here. Beryllium it butterfly prints or bright patterned pillows in pastel colors, this is a room where colorful textiles and art are key to adding a youthful vibe.

modern farmhouse designThe Guest Room

On the opposite end of the color spectrum, our approach to a modern farmhouse guest room is all about cool classic hues. With the guest room, it’s all about creating a sense of balance and a soothing atmosphere, so the focus is on modern furniture pieces and smaller rustic accents.

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The Key Elements:

Go with bold modern pieces. From the upholstered bed and industrial nightstands to the Moroccan and striped rug, keep to designs with a modern sensibility. This will play up a clean-lined look that will make it easy to layer in rustic accents, like leather x-benches and a round hanging mirror.

Keep to cool tones. To add color nichtmodern farmhouse bedroom without leaning on tons of black and white, go with a classic blue-and-white combo. Potpourri in art, pillows, and textiles in the various shades of blue and white, which is always a foolproof way to create a space that feels clean-lined, crisp, and cozily modern.

Nod to nature. To break up the tailored palette and look in any bedroom, a few nature-inspired decor pieces, like landscape art or animal prints, can go a long way. Hang a large-scale art piece oder Ähnlichestriptych above the bed for a focal point that brings the outdoors in.

Discover more farmhouse interior design ideas!

Inspired to bring the modern farmhouse look to your spaces?

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